We run for the Planet

Imagine people from different cultures running in sustainable t-shirts, having fun and caring for the environment.

We believe that in this way, we contribute to a more humane and greener Planet. Just like the spirit of the Tarahumaras:

Run for a higher purpose!

Putting into practice:

Running Shirts:
Our t-shirts are compostable in a landfill, after 5 years. That’s why each of our runners should wear their t-shirt for at least 5 years

Barefoot Running Style:
It reduces the risk of injury, improves the way and style of running, the body learns to move naturally (we are not born with shoes).
With minimalist shoes, less material is used and therefore less waste is produced.

We have our own environment and social projects, that you can support by simply running with us.

International Friendship:
We are international. People from all 5 continents are part of our group. We support intercultural dialogue and interaction.